What is Amazon Q? How to Get the Latest AI Chatbot

Amazon Q is the latest in generative AI-powered assistants, and has been trained on 17 years of AWS information.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has this week unveiled a generative AI chatbot for the workplace that can be tailored specifically to your business’ needs.

AWS, the retail giant's cloud division, has stated that Amazon Q will help workers draft emails, summarize reports, and write blog posts.

It was only a matter of time before Amazon launched yet another AI innovation to compete with existing chatbot tools, such as Microsoft's chatbot Copilot.

What Does Amazon Q Do?

Not to be dismissive of course, but Amazon Q doesn’t appear offer anything too groundbreaking with this chatbot. Much like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bard, Amazon Q users can talk to it like it’s a human. Through these conversations the platform will then solve problems, generate content, and take action based on business-specific data. 

This business-focused angle is where things start to get interesting, however. The business-specific data will be fed to Amazon Q through your company’s information repositories, code bases, and enterprise systems, giving the chatbot it’s ‘tailored to your business’ USP.

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From here, Amazon Q claims to be able to “help streamline tasks, speed decision-making and problem-solving, and help spark creativity and innovation at work”.

It’s aimed at marketing professionals, project managers, and sales representatives, as well as IT professionals and developers who’ll be able to conduct research, code new features, and build applications on Amazon’s cloud servers. 

Amazon Q will connect to services such as Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Slack for even more data integration.

Amazon Q Capitalizes On AWS' Expertise

Amazon has been testing and toying with a variety of AI tools and innovations for some time now. Back in April it announced Bedrock, a generative AI toolkit that allows text and image generation through access to foundational models from Amazon and third parties.

And again, in September, plans for a $4 billion investment into AI-startup Anthropic – best known for its ChatGPT competitor Claude – were similarly announced

So what makes Amazon Q standout and, more importantly, better than the current crop of chatbots on offer? Well, aside from the business approach, it appears to be capitalizing on AWS’ name and expertise. In a statement on its website, AWS explains:

“We have trained Amazon Q on 17 years' worth of AWS expertise, so it can transform the way that you build, deploy, and operate applications and workloads on AWS”. This essentially means it’ll suggest the best AWS services a solution to a project need or query, keeping you firmly within its suite of tools.

How To Get Hold Of Amazon Q

Amazon Q is currently only available to AWS users in select parts of the US, with a pricing structure that is split into two tiers: Amazon Q Business and Amazon Q Builder.

Amazon Q Business will set you back $20 a month per user and offers all the standard generative AI tool features you’d expect – functionality to solve problems, generate content, and take action based on your company’s information.

Amazon Q Builder will be $25 per month and is aimed at developers and IT professionals who want to build, optimize, and operate applications using the platform.

To get started, users need to log into their existing AWS account or sign up.

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